Phoenix presentation at CWTe – TU/e

During the yearly Centre for Wireless Technology Eindhoven (CWTe) Research Retreat, which was held on October 21, 2015, the Phoenix research area was introduced by Erik Duisterwinkel, one of the INCAS3 researchers at that time. In the program this presentation was introduced as follows:

Speaker: Erik Duisterwinkel, INCAS3 – TU/e


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) localization is a hot research topic in indoor, underwater, or autonomous sensing applications. But how much fun would it be if you take away all the basic ingredients like communication, processing power, or even power at all? Some new mapping and exploration applications are for environments that until recently couldn’t even be accessed with sensor devices. Deep underground oil reservoirs have awakened the quest to be creative with as little as possible.

In this talk Erik  Duisterwinkel will tell about his work on sensor swarm localization using solely ultrasound range measurements between neighbouring sensor motes, but mainly why you would want to limit yourself with constraints.

Speaker’s bio:

 Erik Duisterwinkel graduated with honours his MSc. Applied Physics at the University of Groningen where he also obtained his BSc. degree. For his MSc. thesis, he developed a Compton X-ray Spectrometer for quality assurance of e.g. medical CT scanners and to aid in the research for radiotherapy. At INCAS3 he got granted the possibility to create and propose his own PhD research, and he is currently working as external TU/e PhD-student in the SPS-group (Prof. Jan Bergmans) to pursue this goal.

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